Divergence and Convergence Bullish and Bearish Reversal Analysis

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There are two types of divergence, negative and positive. In late October, both oscillators entered the oversold zone. When the price rolls back, and the first bar closes in the green zone, we exit the short and take the profit. In the opposite situation, when the price enters the top red band, there should start a bullish trend. We shall take the profit when the indicator goes into the oversold zone after the meeting of %K and %D stochastics. This signal is marked with the green circle in the above chart.

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Usually, the hidden bearish divergence can be observed in downtrends. Usually, the hidden bullish divergence can be observed in uptrends. As you have noticed, divergence is not a technical indicator per se, but it’s a trading concept. There is no mathematical formula to calculate divergence, but they are visual tools on the price chart. This trading guide takes an in-depth look at what divergence is, the different types of divergences, and how to trade divergence in the most efficient way. In technical analysis, when there is a mismatch between momentum and the actual price, it’s referred to as a divergence.

What is Forex divergence trading?

However, they are best used to complement your existing strategy, and not as a trading signal on their own. But let’s say you entered this trade long on confirmation of it moving higher once you got the signal. You likely had five jittery days where your initial position would have been in a loss situation. Had you have held another day, you would be in a loss situation and potentially took a hit on this trade. Divergence is one of the strongest reversal signals you can get. But do keep in mind, this is a reversal trading strategy whereby you are fading the current trend.

The 4450 Forex divergence became a key support level after the breakout, and traders could have used the breakout below it as an entry signal. Together with the bearish divergence, it would have been a powerful combination, and as we can see, the US500 fell more than 100 points after the breakout. Regular bearish divergence can be spotted when the price is making a higher high, but the oscillator is posting a lower high.

Conclusion – Divergence Forex

I set a stop loss below the lowest low in the divergence. I take profit according to the stochastic rules at the second retest of the overbought zone. You can also exit the buy trade when the price breaks through the trendline or just set a take profit at a distance twice as long as that of the stop loss. Blue lines mark the divergence between price highs and RSI highs. I enter a trade when the RSI line goes outside the overbought zone . I marked the point with the green circle in the chart above.

Identifying trends is one thing, but it’s equally essential to spot potential trend changes. A simple and classic technique for doing this is divergence. Stop-loss orders are placed below the entry price for long positions and above the entry price for short positions. Take-profit orders are placed at a level where you think the market is likely to reverse. When trading divergence, you should always use stop-loss and take-profit orders. This will help you to protect your profits and limit your losses if the market moves against you.

Like the RSI, a stochastic divergence indicator finds out the overbought or oversold state of the market. Stochastic forex trading strategy divergence suggests spotting convergences and divergences between the price bars and the main indicator line. It should be stressed that divergence means that the price chart and the indicator are going in opposite directions. Divergence can indicate a trend reversal or a trend continuation, depending on its type. The main feature of divergence is that it is a leading signal.

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If this feature is observed, then the price will continue to go in the same direction. Divergence occurs when the price and the indicator move in opposite directions. This can happen if the indicator measures factors that are not directly related to price or if there are changes in trading volumes or volatility.

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To spot real divergence, you need to compare only the price extremes within the same trend. Avoid predicting a reversal of a trend as these tend to be a very low probability, as no one can know when a trend will end. This means do not use Divergence as a tool to counter-trends.

One of the most popular technical indicators to spot regular divergence and hidden divergence is the Relative Strength Index indicator. Elliott Wave theory is a powerful technical analysis tool utilized for several years to predict price movements on the financial markets. It is widely employed by well-off traders in the forex market to gain essential…

  • Divergence signals are the basis and are part of the trading strategy itself.
  • In that case, this could indicate that it has become overbought and potentially ready for correction.
  • Divergence is a means to find the early trend reversal signal.
  • These indicators are mathematical calculations based on the price and/or volume data of an asset.
  • We enter the short at the next bar when the stochastic shows the bearish crossing of the %K and %D lines .

Its confirmation can be obtained after the fact, with the corresponding market movement. Generally, any indicator signal, price action, chart, or wave pattern confirming the truth of a price movement or leading divergence signals can be considered a confirmation. To find out a regular divergence bearish, you should analyze the price highs and the highs painted by the indicator. The price should be making higher highs, but the highs on the indicator are getting lower . The regular bearish divergence signals that the bull trend should turn down soon, so one could enter short trades. Here, we can see that the RSI formed lower lows at the same time the price formed higher lows.

What Is A Divergence In Forex?

In trading, divergence is seen as a warning sign that the current price trend is waning and about to reverse. Divergence happens when prices lack clear directional trends, alerting traders that current prices are about to reverse. The first example is regular bearish divergence in the US500.

I explained how to set up the Bollinger bands indicator and trade with it on Forex in the article. To filter false signals, you can use other trend indicators. Any additional signals delivered by trend indicators are stronger than the divergence signals. The above figure shows an example of a false divergence between the price chart and the MACD histogram. Following the divergence signal, the price starts moving down, and even the MACD moving averages foes into the negative zone.

The snapshot below illustrates how to spot a divergence using the RSI. ThinkMarkets ensures high levels of client satisfaction with high client retention and conversion rates. Harness the market intelligence you need to build your trading strategies. Trade up today – join thousands of traders who choose a mobile-first broker.


Test the divergence strategy yourselves without any risks and the need to register in the LiteFinance terminal. You can experiment with setting and use different oscillators, the AO, for example. An important feature of the AO is that the signal is sent when the indicator crosses the zero level. When the AO breaks through the zero line, the local or the global trend should reverse. So, when the price extremes are separated by such crossing cannot be with the same signal pattern. To avoid such an error, you should check the same divergence on a longer timeframe.


The further out you place the stop loss, the more likely you are to catch the correction. So, by lowering the risk-reward ratio, you can boost your chances of winning. In the above example, the goal is to benefit from the correction; we don’t expect a market reversal. Prices are rising, but the rate at which they are rising is slowing. While this is visible if you look closely, it is usually easier to visualize the momentum separately and compare it to the price.

This could signal that the existing uptrend is running out of momentum and that a retracement might follow. Most traders see divergence on the chart and simply enter the trade without thinking for another moment. The need is to filter the false signals and find a high probability trade setup. Hence, do not enter the trade impulsively rather wait for a brief pullback and then enter.

Correlated markets to understand the next move on the pair they are trading. Ivergence occurs when the market is already in a downtrend. A corrective phase of the existing trend or just after a trend has reversed. It suggests that the market will continue moving in the predominant direction in a particular timeframe.

https://forex-world.net/ Academy is among the trading communities’ largest online sources for news, reviews, and analysis on currencies, cryptocurrencies, commodities, metals, and indices. Divergence trading could be worth exploring if you’re looking for a way to boost your profits in the Forex market. This information can be invaluable in helping you identify entry and exit points with the highest probability of yielding profits.

It means price and oscillator will move in the opposite direction. Spot divergence by comparing the oscillator’s movements to price movements. Usually, divergence is used to asses the price momentum and the odds for price reversals. More than a broker, Admirals is a financial hub, offering a wide range of financial products and services.

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Investing in over-the-counter derivatives carries significant risks and is not suitable for all investors. Milan Cutkovic has over eight years of experience in trading and market analysis across forex, indices, commodities, and stocks. He was one of the first traders accepted into the Axi Select program which identifies highly talented traders and assists them with professional development. This is often a signal that the market has run out of steam, setting up the potential for a solid risk-reward reversal trade.

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For example, you might see a regular bearish divergence on the EUR/USD chart and decide to open a short position. But then, instead of the market falling, it starts to rise. In this case, you would have been better off not trading the divergence signal. Regular divergence is a signal of a possible trend reversal.

What if you think a currency pair will continue to fall while wanting to enter at a more advantageous price or a less risky level? There is no universal indicator to work with the divergence! Experiment forex divergence signals, try different combinations of technical indicators. The above figure displays the extended bullish divergence on the MACD indicator.

So, when the indicator goes back into the negative zone, we enter a short trade. A stop loss is set a little higher than the first high of the convergence formed . It is clear from the above chart that the take profit, which is two times more than the stop loss, is hit by the price and exits our trade with the profit. Forex divergence is a technical trading concept used in the foreign exchange markets.

If the signal is not broken there, you can use it in trading. Unlike the oscillators covered above, the Awesome Oscillator divergence indicator looks like a histogram, not like a curved line. The trading strategy with the Awesome Oscillator is similar to that of the MACD histogram. Many traders also make a mistake when they analyze the divergence of the price highs and the indicator lows.

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