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It is officially an best neo wallet wallet as it uses your machine’s browser to generate the necessary data, and nothing is ever stored on NEO Tracker’s servers. It is a GUI wallet, meaning it will allow you to use it by interacting with a graphical user interface. Binance exchange also has inbuilt wallets for HODLing different cryptocurrencies but there is a special thing about NEO wallet of Binance. Ledger also supports other cryptocurrencies you can find all supported cryptocurrencies list here.

What is the best NEO wallet?

Truth be told, there are many amazing cryptocurrency wallets out there – picking out the best NEO wallet can be a struggle! The general rule of thumb, though, is that you should always go with a cold wallet, for the added layer of asset security. In NEO’s case, your best bet is to pick the Ledger Nano X – being an industry-leader, the Nano X will provide you with all of the top-tier features that you might need from a high-end NEO wallet.

Bittrex is one of those platforms that I could go on about for hours on end. Over the years, I’ve grown to appreciate the services of this particular cryptocurrency exchange, and also observe their security features in action. Let’s take it from the top, though, and discuss why Bittrex might just be the best NEO wallet for you. It’s a type of hot wallet that allows you to store your crypto coins on it, yet is primarily a cryptocurrency exchange. So, a cold wallet is something that you’d plug into your computer, transfer funds to/from an exchange, and then unplug it.

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If you lose it, it will be almost impossible for you to recover your funds so back up your wallet regularly. Ledger Nano S, as it provides the best security, paired with great accessibility for daily usage. You can even stake your NEO for GAS profits by installing the app and using the NEON wallet in tandem with the Ledger. It offers comprehensive wallet capabilities and a wide range of APIs for developers.

Now that you have a rough idea of how and Gas differ, we can dive into some of the best wallets. In order to come to this selection, we used a number of criteria. These include security, developer and community support and usability. There are more than 21,000 cryptocurrencies today; some were created just as a fad, and others have exciting technology behind…

Best NEO Wallets in Your Country

However, you can also utilize multiple wallets simply in order to make sure that your assets are safe and sound. This way, if one of your crypto wallets becomes compromised, you won’t lose all of your assets. As a multi-currency hot wallet, it supports over 100 digital assets and is easily accessible for transactions. In addition to the wallet, Exodus’ software consists of a built-in crypto exchange platform and a portfolio tracker. As for hardware wallets, they are physical, electronic devices that use a random number generator to generate public and private keys. Software wallets come in three forms; web wallets, desktop wallets, and mobile wallets.

  • In addition, you can dive into decentralized staking in Atomic.
  • Explore the Blockchain – you can explore blocks, transactions, assets and more.
  • If it gets compromised or lost, you won’t be able to access your crypto wallet to spend, withdraw, or transfer your cryptos.
  • However, it is highly recommended to use a reliable firewall, antivirus software, and anti-malware along with a desktop wallet.
  • However, in the middle of all that, NEO has some options out there, when it comes to sending, receiving, or storing the coin.

As long as the paper is kept safe and secure there is no way for a hacker to access the funds, since they remain fully offline at all times. The public address gives users a way to have NEO sent to the wallet, while the private address gives them a way to send NEO tokens or to spend them. With the paper wallet the keys remain forever offline, which enhances the security of this type of wallet. Neo exhange wallets are cryptocurrency storage facilities accessible on crypto exchange platforms.

This February marks eight years since was launched initially as AntShares before rebranding to NEO in June 2017. Adding the NEO Layer 1 blockchain to your MetaMask Wallet is not possible as it is not EVM compatible. Therefore, users will need to download a NEO wallet like Neon Wallet to use native DeFi applications on the NEO blockchain. It is a web-based wallet but can be operated in an offline mode.

In terms of security, it’s among the safest, given that no information goes into its servers. As a user, your wallet file remains XLM on your device, which means all your NEO funds, as well as your private key, are safe. The best thing to note about the Ansy paper wallet is that the user is the sole custodian of the public and private keys. As long as the wallet stays in a secure location, the coins remain safe.

Users can send, receive and store both NEO and GAS, without storing any data on the NEO Tracker servers (similar to Both the Ledger Nano X and the Ledger Nano S support NEO tokens and allow you to keep your coins offline away from hackers. The downside is that you’ll need to pay money to get the actual hardware wallet itself.


In addition to NEO, Exodus supports Bitcoin, Ethereum, and 100+ other crypto assets. Other features include an in-app crypto exchange and syncing of desktop and mobile wallets. Another option for NEO users is the paper wallet, simply a piece of paper on which the user writes both the public and private address. With the public address available, users can send any amount of NEO to this wallet. The private address also allows users to spend their tokens.

The wallet allows you to send and receive your GAS and NEO tokens with ease. The wallet is currently in beta but has gained a lot of positive press recently for its security features. This developer approved wallet comes from the City of Zion and is quite a popular way to buy, sell, and store NEO. This desktop wallet provides more security to the users as the private keys are stored only on the desktop application. The NEON servers do not hold your private keys which signals relief to the users who are not comfortable with its single blockchain functioning. You need them to have a possibility to create your own currencies or even turn goods into digital assets.

Importantly, this wallet allows users to claim their automatically generated GAS, as long as they hold NEO’s in their wallet. You can integrate your wallet with all Ledger-based devices. This amplifies the security of your private keys and boosts the number of crypto tokens you can access.

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